Sheep herding dog training seminar

Svetlana / 04-06-2015 / Seminārs, Nometne

The dates of 18-19th July of 2015
Working and Sport Dog Training Centre is organizing

“Herding dog training seminar” “Sheep herding dog training seminar”

Seminar will be led by Maria Koblikova (Russia), dog trainer and the judge of RKF herding.
The location: Limbazu rajons “Bodites”.
Space is limited for the participants with the dogs! Training can be organized on 17th of July, including the evening in order people who are working during the daytime would be able to participate as well.

Please send entry forms into the following email: (please specify your dog’s experience in herding; there is no need to clarify it, if your dog never had herding experience before). After receiving entry form, banking details will be sent to your email for the payment of the seminar.
Price for the participation with the 1 dog ( If the handler is bringing more than one dog, she/he gets 15.00 EUR off for the each next dog)
• Registration till 31st of May
1 Day – 50.00EUR
2 Days – 80.00 EUR
3 Days – 100.00 EUR (+ the date of 17th of July)
• Registration from 1st to 30th of June (and later)
1 Day – 70.00 EUR
2 Days – 100.00 EUR
3 Days – 120.00 EUR

Prices for the participation without the dog:
1 Day – 20.00 EUR
2 Days – 3 Days – 30.00 EUR
Space is not limited for the participants without the dogs and there is no deadline for registration.

There is possibility to check your dog’s herding instincts (LKF members, they have to bring payment card). For the participants of the seminar the price is 20.00 EUR, for the non- participants of the seminar, who just would like to check their dog instinct the price is 40.00 EUR.
There is possibility for the herding test – if there are enough participants for this test. Participants of the seminar will be able to inquire about the test right during the seminar.
The route for the destination of the location will be sent to the emails of the participants of the seminar.
Valid veterinary passport with valid vaccinations is Mandatory for each dog!

Phone number: +371-29883662